Grow bigger persimmon fruit

Credit: flickr /pizzodisevo

Q: I have a seven-year-old planted persimmon tree and each year more fruit is set, but the fruit only reaches the size of a golf ball and then drops off the tree. I water the tree regularly and feed using manure only. There is no grass under the tree since it’s planted in a soil bed. What am I doing wrong?

I believe the problem is too little or inconsistent watering. Persimmons can tolerate short periods of drought but additional watering during fruiting time will result in larger fruit and quality. Make sure watering is soaking into at least 15 cm (6 in.) of soil. Try mulching around the tree with coarse compost at least 10 to 15 cm (4 to 6 in.) in the shape of a donut. Excessive feeding with nitrogen will also cause premature fruit to drop. Persimmon does well with minimal feeding. Shoot growth should be at least 30 cm (12 in.) long per year and leaves should not appear too dark green. Any fertilizer should be spread evenly under the canopy in late winter or early spring.