Grow Me Instead

A guide to native and non-invasive ornamental alternatives to invasive species

Credit: Invasive Plant Council of BC

Decrease the impact of invasive plants by practicing responsible gardening

To raise awareness and improve industry practices, the Invasive Plant Council of BC, the BC Landscape & Nursery Association, provincial government, gardeners, regional committees, landscapers and garden retailers collaborated in the development of the Grow Me Instead booklet.

This 30-page booklet identifies horticulture’s most “unwanted” invasive plants in B.C. while providing a variety of native and non-invasive ornamental alternatives.

It also offers the tools necessary to help stop the spread of invasive horticulture plants in B.C. By undertaking responsible gardening practices outlined in the booklet, gardeners can help decrease the impact of invasive plants while still achieving vibrant and dynamic gardens.

A snapshot version of the Grow Me Instead booklet shows thumbnail images of the 13 most unwanted plants described in the booklet, matched with recommended alternatives, as well as voluntary codes of conduct and key contacts.

The Grow Me Instead booklet can be found at many retail nursery and garden centre outlets across the province. Alternatively, the booklet and Snapshot brochure can be ordered from the IPCBC office (250-392-1400) for a small fee, or can be downloaded from the Council website.