Grow tall, sturdy sunflowers

Support your tall sunflowers with this flop-proof solution

Prevent your sunflowers from falling over.

Very tall sunflowers often flop over, so try this: in late April indoors or in the greenhouse, sow one seed per 10-cm (4-in.) pot, planting it 2.5 cm (1 in.) deep. Harden off quickly, and when the first set of true leaves appears and plants are sturdy enough to withstand slug nibbles, transplant them to where you want them to grow, covering most of the stem with soil.

Push a 1.2-m (4-ft.) support, such as a wooden stake, bamboo or rebar, 30 cm (1 ft.) deep into the ground beside the seedling.

As the stalk grows, fasten it to the support with panty hose, twine or reusable Velcro tape as needed.