Growing Bulb Fennel

Fennel is a wonderful herb to grow in our gardens.

Fennel is a wonderful herb to grow in our gardens. Its soft ferny liquorice-hued foliaged is one of a kind, and its celery-like bulb can add texture and flavour to many recipes. It sounds like you were doing everything right with the culture of your fennel.

My only suggestion would be to start your fennel as early in the spring as possible, as soon as the ground can be worked, so that the bulb will develop in cooler temperatures, rather than in the hot summer heat. If started too late the results are similar to what you experienced. As well, leave the fennel in and allow it to develop all fall and winter, in zone 6 or colder provide mulch, otherwise leave them exposed. (Click here for climate zone information) Fresh fennel is beautiful and tasty so do give it a try early next season. My favourite is the bronze fennel; it is lovely. You may be able to pick up a nice full 1-gallon potted fennel that you can plant today and start enjoying immediately. Enjoy and thanks for the question.