Hardy Rosemary for Cold Climate

Don't know which type of rosemary can withstand BC's cold climate? Our expert shows you which type will survive during the unpredictable winters

Credit: Flickr/OliBac

Rosemary ‘Arp’ is the most hardy for BC’s cool climate

Q: A few years back I was told that there are different types of rosemary, and that one in particular is better suited to a cooler climate like ours and would survive the winter outdoors.

I bought it and was very happy with it and it did survive the winters. I moved and it stayed behind and I’d like to buy another one but I can’t remember what type it was. I think it may have been Greek rosemary. Do you know anything about this? What would you recommend for best survival during our winters?

Most likely you had rosemary ‘Arp’. It is the most hardy for our climate.

Two winters ago even it would have died, though.

That extremely cold winter was unusual and so hopefully that won’t happen again.