Heirloom Tomatoes and the Happiness they Bring

Grow a variety of heirloom tomatoes

How Different Types of Heirloom Tomatoes Can Make Your Day

I love, love, love tomatoes and people are always so happy when you give them a gorgeous tomato just because.
I always start the tomatoes from seed in my kitchen window and when they are big enough, I walk them over to the community garden and plant them.

I grow heirloom tomatoes of all varieties. I do love ‘Black Krim’. They are dark red with black stripes and they look so cool on a salad! ‘Brandywine’ yellow and red tomatoes are big, thick and juicy. The red ones are really meaty and have a slight spice to them. And everyone should try growing ‘Green Zebra’– which are fully green when they are ready. So cool.

Editor’s Note: Terry-Lyn is the first to be featured in our series on community gardeners in GardenWise Magazine – see our Early Spring issue, out at the end of February, to learn how she helped to create a community garden in her own East Vancouver neighbourhood – and for more on the amazing food she grows in her 100 square-foot plot.