Honeysuckle flower care

Q: I live in Northern Ireland and got a honeysuckle about two months ago. It has thrived and climbed vigorously and is now around six feet high. It looks really healthy but there are no signs of buds or flowers, and I’ve read that it should start to bloom in late spring or early summer. I’m worried I may have it in too shaded a place although I have also read that it likes the shade. Have I got this all wrong?

The Woodbine honeysuckle (Lonicera pericylmenum ‘Belgica’) could be either too young or excessively pruned. Flowers are produced on tips of laterals from the previous season’s growth. The plant can tolerate some shade but not excessive. Try bending or training the vine to grow sideways to encourage laterals. Once established, prune back flowering shoots by up to one-third.