How to Arrange Berry Bushes

Credit: iStock / obscura99

Q: This was my first time starting a garden of any sorts in our one-year-old house. We moved to an older house in Brampton, Ontario.

My question is: I replanted a red raspberry bush that did very well over the summer and, as of last week, I’m still picking raspberries from it. I planted earlier in late spring a red currant bush and a blueberry bush beside. So, just so that you can picture it, in order it goes: red raspberries, red currant, blueberry, then strawberries.

Is that okay to be planting them side-by-side with some space in between. Or should I change the red currant and blueberries to another spot before the frost comes. Thanks a lot! —The New Gardener

Your arrangement sounds fine—no contradictions. My only recommendation would be to add
another variety of blueberry, space allowing, in order to increase blueberry pollination.