How to Bake With Herbs

Try baking in a terra-cotta pot for some rustic charm.

Credit: Terry Guscott

Baking with savoury herbs is an easy way to add an aromatic and flavourful boost to any recipe

Rosemary, thyme and garlic – each solo or as a threesome – have the ability to soften winter’s cool edge. On weekends, preparing baked free-range chicken with rosemary, herb-blended fresh buns, or thyme-crusted root-vegetable pot pie is an excellent way to warm the heart and home.

White Rock baker Paul Hanley (pictured above), from Fieldstone Artisan Breads enjoys baking with lavender, as it reminds him of happy times in France. When serving a dish with leeks, he always uses savory to liven the bread, as it pairs perfectly.

How to bake in terra-cotta pots

How to bake in a terra cotta pot

Baking in terra-cotta pots is a decorative way to bring some rustic Italian garden culture into the kitchen. Use your favourite muffin, bread or cake recipe.

Hanley reminds us to grease the pot very well when using terra-cotta. Also, terra-cotta pots and pans for baking should be purchased at a kitchen shop, not a garden shop. For special shapes search online kitchen stores.

STEP 1: Prepare your favourite bread recipe – add a few teaspoons of crushed herbs.
STEP 2: Grease a terra-cotta pot extremely well.
STEP 3: Place bread recipe in pot, then top with sea salt and crushed herbs.
STEP 4: Bake as instructed. Serve with herbal butter.

Sheena’s herbs “de fragrance”

Equal parts rosemary, lavender, savory and thyme. Chop fine, removing stems.