How to Dehydrate Fruit

Preserve a bountiful fruit harvest for snacks, baking and gifts.

Credit: Terry Guscott | Stylist: Heather Cameron

8 best fruits to preserve by dehydrating

Fill your home with the comforting aroma of dehydrating apples and pears. Drying is a grassroots way of preserving a bountiful harvest of fruit for winter snacks, baking, gifts and entertaining. 

With its concentrated natural sugars, dried fruit is a power pack of summer sweetness and vitamins to be enjoyed all year long.

Purchase or borrow a dehydrator with adjustable temperature and instructions. These are often available at yard sales and thrift stores.

Rinse your fruit with fresh water and allow to air-dry. 

Follow instructions, allowing up to 36 hours depending on recommended time to dry. You’ll know it’s dry when the fruit is leathery and contains no moisture. Humidity and thickness of fruit prepared will affect dehydration time. 

Store dry fruit in air-tight, moisture-free containers or freezer bags.



Remove crown and cut into ½-cm (¼-in.) slices.



Cut in half and place skin down.

APPLES: Slice into rings or pieces ¼ cm (1/8 in.) thick. Peeling optional.



Slice into rings or pieces ½ cm (¼ in.) thick.


how to dehydrate tomatoes
Dehydrated tomatoes


Remove stem, cut into quarters and remove pit, place skin down.



Optional to blanch and remove skin, cut into ¼-cm (1/8⅛-in.) slices.



Peel and cut into ¼-cm (1/8-in.) slices.



Slice into pieces ¼ cm (1/8 in.) thick.