How to get rid of moles


Q: Moles have completely destroyed our yard. What is the most effective way to get rid of the pests? We live in zone 7.

Generally speaking, the most effective control are traps that kill the mole. Not everyone likes this idea. The other alternative is to use a “pit trap” to capture the mole alive. If you opt to do this, it is important to check your trap regularly to see if you have caught anything. Moles require a continual source of food (such as earthworms) to survive.

Trapping should be done in “active” tunnels. To determine if a tunnel is active, push down the mounded soil—if the mole is using the tunnel it will push the soil up again within 24 hours. When using a lethal trap, make sure it is properly aligned with the tunnel in order to intercept the mole. The pit trap is simply a deep container, such as a large coffee can, used to capture a mole travelling along the tunnel. Dig into the mole tunnel and remove enough dirt to fit in a large can so that the lip is level with the tunnel floor. Any opening exposed to sunlight should be blocked out with a board. If you catch the mole in your pit trap, simply place a cover on the tin and pull it out, then release the little creature asap in an uninhabited area several blocks away from your home.