How to identify a certified landscaper

Looking to hire a landscaper? Shopping for plants?

If you’ve worked with a landscape professional in the past, or shopped at an independent garden retailer, you may have noticed the familiar ‘green triangle’ certification logos. Certification triangles have been in use since 1995 to denote those horticulturists who have passed rigorous skills testing to prove their proficiency. Over the years, those certification triangles have become a badge of honour for qualified professionals.

Now for 2010, certification has a new name and a new look. Whenever you shop for landscape services or retail garden products, look for the Landscape Industry Certified label, and know that the company you choose employs one or more highly skilled, internationally recognized, landscape professionals.

Click here for a list of certified BC Landscape & Nursery Association members

Former logos


A Certified Landscape Professional (CLP) is a business owner or top manager with a minimum of 5 years experience. They have proven they possess the knowledge and skills to operate a successful landscape company.

A Certified Landscape Designer (CLD) has a minimum of 7 years industry experience. In addition to passing written testing, they have had their design portfolio evaluated by peers for the highest level of excellence.

A Certified Horticultural Technician (CHT) is an employee or business owner with several seasons experience, that has proven their proficiency in a variety of common green industry tasks through rigorous practical examination.

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