How to plant a tree

Create your own mini orchard by planting fruit trees.

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Fall is a good time to plant fruit trees

Fall is a good time to plant fruit trees because the winter rain ensures the roots do not dry out.

Planting the tree at the correct level is important. If it is too high, roots may dry out; too deep and the bark on the stem collar may rot, leading to the death of the tree.

Step-by-step guide to planting a fruit tree

• Dig a planting hole no deeper than the height of the rootball. Trees should be planted so that the point where the roots flare out is near the surface of the soil.

• Dig the size of the hole three times the diameter of the rootball.

• Tease the roots out of the container or spread the roots out of a bare rootball to establish them in the planting hole.

Harvest and care tips

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• If roots are injured, cut back to healthy wood before planting to prevent the spread of infection.

TIP: If container stock is rootbound it may be necessary to score around the rootball with a knife to help get new roots established.