How to Prevent Damping-off

Credit: GardenWise

Q: I started some seeds recently and noticed that I was out of No-Damp. At the nursery, I was told it has been recalled and is not for sale anymore! Yikes! What do we use as an alternative?

You are correct that No-Damp (Oxine benzoate) is among the products no longer available due to the cosmetic pesticide ban.

You should be okay, though, as prevention is key to avoiding damping-off, a plant-killing fungi, on your seedlings and cuttings. Make sure trays or pots are clean (disinfect with mild bleach, vinegar or Lysol), clean all working surfaces, use sterile potting mixes, ensure good air circulation, do not overwater, maintain proper bottom heat and space plant material so that it’s not overly crowded.