How to prune a container rose

Pruning container roses doesn't have to be scary.

Credit: Terry Guscott

1. Cut back stems that have flowered in the previous year to an outward-facing bud.
2. Prune out thin, twiggy stems to soil level. This will open up the centre of the plant and allow good air circulation.
3. Remove canes that grow towards the centre of the bush. Where two canes cross, take out the inward-growing one or the weakest.
4. Reduce all remaining stems by approximately half their length, cutting just above outward-facing buds and angling the cut down and away from the bud.
5. Water well and add a small amount of controlled-release fertilizer. For a large container, 60 mL (1⁄4 cup) is sufficient. Fertilize once more after the first blooms fade.

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