How to remove mushrooms from the lawn

Credit: iStock/Jon D. Patton


Q: At this time of year, mushrooms appear in the lawn. Do they harm the lawn or are they just unsightly? Should they be removed to prevent them from coming back another year, and if so, what is the best method of doing it?

Mushrooms in the lawn are mainly unsightly. The best method is simply to remove mushrooms by hand. Even with this removal, there is no assurance that the mushrooms will not reappear again. Mushrooms are usually plentiful due to the time of year and weather.

Mushrooms are the visible reproductive structures for fungi to disperse spores. The bulk of the fungi (“mycelia”) structure are hidden below ground. Most fungi have strong symbiotic relationships with plants, either dead or alive (e.g., dead tree roots). Using either lime or copper powder has no impact on mushroom development.