How to Spruce Up Your Tired-looking Winter Container

After a season exposed to the cold and wet, give your winter containers a quick makeover for the spring

With the cold season coming to a close, here’s how to freshen up that winter container

Jordan McDonald, horticulturist/co-owner of KJM Country Gardens, explains in this DIY video how to take your frumpy-looking winter container and spruce it up for the coming spring.

He points out why it is important to include structure, flowers, foliage and filler in your garden container.

McDonald starts off by removing any unwanted plants and removing any dead leaves. Once the container has been cleared, Jordan places an orange sedge at the back of the container as his structure. Next, he adds a Sedum Angelina for foilage and dwarf daffodils for flowers. He then finishes off the project by covering any soil with a moss filler.

For full instructions, watch the video below: