In the fruit garden

Credit: Carolyn Herriot

Despite a cool year, the temperature has rarely gone above 22°C, we have been enjoying what I refer to as ‘the nectar of the Gods’ in abundance. These sweet Italian Figs are simply delicious! I eat the whole thing, skin and all. When the fig ripens to a dark colour and is slightly soft to the touch you will know the figs are perfectly ripe. Fresh figs chopped and tossed into a green salad with crumbled goats cheese is also divine.
Thornless Blackberries
It makes perfect sense to grow thornless blackberries up an arbour; an ornamental edible with pretty white blossoms in early summer and luscious red berries ripening to black in late summer. Then there’s the fall foliage, which matures to red, which altogether makes a great follow on show from a clematis or climbing rose. I have all three of these growing together on my arbour.
Bunches of juicy sweet green grapes adorn the south end of my arbour, making another ornamental edible. The harvest is always so prolific that we can make grape juice in a steamer.