Invasive alien species – Slideshow

Yellow Starthistle, Centurea solstitialis

Japanese Knot weed, Polygonum cuspidatum

Apple infected with Apple Maggot, Rhagoletis pomonella

Asian Longhorn beetle, Anophlophora glabripennis

Eastern filbert blight, Anisogramma anomala

European Brown Garden Snail, Helix aspersa (muller)

Gypsy moth caterpillars

Himalayan Balsam, Impatiens glandulifera

Japanese beetle, Popillia japonica

Peaches infected with plum pox virus

Image: Rust on Daylily caused by Puccinia hemerocallidis

Image: Geranium Southern Bacterial Wilt, Ralstonia solanacearum

Image: Sudden oak death on rhododendron leaves, Phytophthora ramorum

Image: Chrysanthemum infected with white rust, Puccinia horiana

Yellow flag iris, iris pseudacorus

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PHOTOS courtesy of Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada; BCMAFF: Japanese Knotweed, Apple maggot, White rust; Eric Odense, Canadian Food Inspection Agency: European Brown Garden Snail; E.Bradford Walker, Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation Japanese beetle; Everett Hansen, Oregon State University: Sudden oak death rhododenron; Kenneth R. Law, USDA APHIS PPQ Asian longhorned beetle; E. BCMAFF: white rust, Himalayan Balsam, Japanese Knotweed; Dr. Tom Hsiang, University of University of Guelph: rust on Daylily; Gerry Walker: peaches; Robert H. Mohlenbrock @ USDA, NRCS 1995-Northeastern Wetlands Flora @ PLANTS Database: Yellowflag iris