Invasive Blackberry Plant Solution

Blackberries might be sweet, but they can also be the scourge of your garden if left unchecked. Here's how to tame this pesky bramble  

Q: Some nearby blackberries have started to infiltrate our yard. What should we do?

Blackberries are invasive and nasty plants, but I don’t want to call them weeds, as many people grow them to enjoy the summer fruit.

However, if they are encroaching on your garden, you should take control, and the earlier the better.

Step one: Cut them down. You must stop the plants in their tracks. Blackberries can invade like a full-throttle freight train if you don’t fight back.

Step two: Pull up some of the roots to reduce the length of this battle.

Step three: All those pieces of root that were left behind in the soil are going to want to sprout, so you must not let them leaf out! From here on in, the winner will be the one who is more persistent – either you or the the blackberries. Pulling off the leaves on a daily basis is what is needed to win the war. Good luck, soldier!

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