Italian stonescaping

Create an authentic Italian garden with some stylish stonework

Italian gardens often feature permanent ornamental stone sculptures

Hardscaping Italian style includes ample placement of stone surfaces, paths, walls and architectural features as well as permanent ornamental stone sculptures.

Whether you are building a palazzo patio, a stone garden shed or a simple rock wall around a herb bed, make it artful, robust and century-worthy (to last 100 years or more).

Stonework is harder than it looks so be sure to hire help or consult specialty how-to publications before embarking on a costly and heavy structure. One of the most important considerations is selecting the appropriate stone.

Landscape suppliers can usually advise you, but do some careful research before you order. Loads of stone are expensive to deliver and nearly impossible to dispose of. 
Once your stonescapes and sculptures are in place, soften the look of fresh hard surfaces with shrubs, trees or pots in close proximity.

Your own Italian paradise

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