It’s harvest time!

Credit: Carolyn Herriot

Apparently potatoes relish cold spring weather, as this was one crop that thrived this year. Russet potatoes are good storage potatoes, so they are now boxed in the pantry in dark storage; these fingerling potatoes ‘Sieglinde’ comes in various shapes and sizes, and will make lots of tasty potato dishes for early winter. I have separated the smaller ones to plant as seed potatoes next spring.

apple harvest
Due to a late and cold spring there were less apples to be harvested in 2008. Nevertheless I was able to fill the freezer with containers of apple pie filling and apple sauce, dry enough apples to fill two 1-gallon jars, and fill an apple box full of storage apples for fresh eating through the winter. My favourite gadget at this time of year is my handy apple peeler, which clamps onto the counter and peels, cores and slices apples in three turns of the handle!

Drying Grapes
Drying grapes
The green grapes on the arbour were plentiful enough to turn some into raisins with the dehydrator. I was surprised at how fast they dried, as well as how incredibly sweet the taste was compared to store bought raisins. I always leave some grapes on the vine for the red pileated woodpeckers that swoop into the garden in October for their share.