Jackie McGarrigle’s paradise on earth

Congratulations to the winner of our Fall 2009 Garden Challenge Contest

We moved into our new home a few years ago and the garden was lacking personality. The lawn, hedge, the cement patio against the house, and the hawthorn tree were there, but that was all. We wanted to create our own peaceful outdoor space.

In creating interesting areas in the garden, and adding the sounds of water, we finally have our own “oasis.” We love sitting out in the garden watching the birds and listening to the sound of the fountain. The pond, with its grasses and flowers, is a living ecosystem with goldfish that look after themselves. It is fun to watch the fish as they go about feeding.

Our garden has become our little paradise on earth.
—Jackie McGarrigle, Westbank

Jackie McGarrigle is the winner of our Fall 2009 Garden Challenge Contest and an application of Naturally Green Lawn, courtesy of Transform Plant Products and Canada Wide Media Limited. Congratulations!