The Enchanting Scent of the Jubilee Celebration Rose

Stop and smell the roses, especially when it's an aromatic Jubilee Celebration

The Jubilee Celebration isn’t only easy on the eyes, but the nose as well

The fresh and fruity fragrance of the Jubilee Celebration rose is a delight to the senses

Fragrance has always been a major influence in the breeding of David Austin English Roses. Recently, David Austin’s senior rosarian, Michael Marriott catalogued a compendium of the breeder’s top fragrant varieties.

“One whiff can excite instant memory recall. Fragrance is so vivid a sensation that it summons up a specific rose variety with remarkable precision, often including recall of the exact time and place when one first encountered it,” says Marriott.

Jubilee Celebration, one of the roses that made Marriott’s Top 10 list, features a bold fruity fragrance. The young flower has a lemon scent, later developing a fruity rose fragrance with hints of fresh lemon and raspberry. Jubilee Celebration (left) is pink tinged with gold on the petal undersides.

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