Landscape designer help

Credit: BCLNA

The GardenWise Online website has a BC Landscape Nursery Association (BCLNA) membership directory that is searchable by city/area code.

Please go to the BCLNA page and scroll to the “Membership Search” section. Fill in as much information as possible to narrow the search and click on “Search“. You should get a list of landscape designers who operate in your area and are members of the BCLNA.

The information on the BCLNA page also includes tips on how to select a landscape designer to suit your needs, plan your garden space and a list of the recent landscape installation/maintenance winners.

Additionally, the GardenWise Online website has lots of information about plants that are suitable for your area; these include the plant’s zone hardiness. Please take a look through the Plants section: or use our website’s search engine to get more information.

We have also included a climate zone chart on the website for our users’ convenience.