Landscaping pays

Increase the real estate value of your home with a well-installed landscape

Credit: Krol Construction

Krol Construction garnered a 2009 Landscape Award of Excellence for this garden, designed by Geoff Woods. Trees planted for privacy and the improved quality, have boosted the real estate value of this home and set it apart.

The real estate value of your home is improved by a well-installed landscape

According to the Journal of Environmental Horticulture, the characteristics of your home’s landscaping can greatly improve the property’s real estate value, in addition to exponentially decreasing the time it takes for a house to sell:

Element Increase in home’s real estate value
Tree covered lot  adds 2-9%
A single tree adds 2%
Hedges or walls, dense vegetation, landscaped curbs adds 2-4% each
Sophisticated landscape design adds 5-10%
Improving average landscape to excellent quality adds 10% to resale price
Each dollar invested upgrading a landscape returns $1.35

2010 Healthy Garden Guide

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