Lawn care 101

Credit: iStockphoto

Organic lawn care is all about feeding the soil and less about feeding the actual grass.

Adding organic mulch each year by spreading well-decomposed compost over the lawn, enriches the soil. So does leaving grass cuttings in place when mowing.

Grass cuttings can return up to 40 per cent of the nitrogen that grass needs to stay healthy and grow. Grass cuttings also provide mulch, which smothers weeds so you don’t need herbicides. And grass clippings help the soil retain moisture, saving you both time and water. When you water less, nutrients stay in the soil where roots can find them easily.

The soil under your lawn can further be improved by aerating regularly to prevent compaction, especially where people tread. Choosing the right grass seed for the amount of light available in your yard is also important, but feed the soil and you will have a beautiful, healthy lawn.