Lawn rejuvenation

Credit: iStock / OliJon


Q: I would like to rejuvenate an old lawn which is showing signs of weeds and brown spots. The soil is not all that great. What are the steps in this process?

1. Lime the area with a granulated lime, such as Dolopril, using the rate suggested on the bag.
2. Wait 14 days in order to let the lime start to act.
3. Level the area filling in any low spots with a topsoil that is roughly 30 percent sand by volume.
4. Hand-remove any volunteer weeds.
5. Spread a turf-starting fertilizer at the bag rate. At the same time spread a shady lawn mix. I suggest shady lawn mix because it has the highest tolerance for sunny, shady, wet, dry and high or low fertility conditions. It contains four or five grass cultivars and so will also blend colourwise with other grass in the area.
6. Wait 14 days.
7. Re-seed with more shady lawn mix to make it thick and lush.
8. Only cut the new lawn when there is no frost, and leave the height at about 7.5 centimetres for the first year or so to help establish healthy roots.
9. Follow a lawn-care plan that includes liming, watering and fertilizing throughout the year.

Alternately is may be a good opportunity to redesign the area and put in some flowerbeds and low-maintenance waterwise plants.

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