Let’s Patch Planter Makes Growing Edibles Easy for Urbanites

Growing plants at home is a breeze with this self-watering planter

Credit: Carol Pope

The Let’s Patch self-watering planter fits perfectly on a windowsill or kitchen counter

Looking to grow your own edibles? Support the Let’s Patch planter Kickstarter

When I first received my Let’s Patch planter in the mail last week, I was surprised to find how compact it was – folded down and the size of an envelope.

I was a little cynical initially about its being of much use for growing food at home. However, once I took five minutes to unfold it, install the perforated self-watering “floor” and push some potting soil down the wicking chamber so that it could draw up water from the bottom reservoir, I found I had a sturdy, pretty and very compact and efficient little garden perfectly suited for a windowsill, patio or kitchen counter.

And being a total kale fanatic, that’s what I planted up.

What really pleases me about Let’s Patch, too, is that it is a B.C. company. And I like that it is involved in supporting the very worthy group, Growing Chefs, which brings chef volunteers together with elementary school classrooms (grades 1-3) to give students hands-on experience growing and cooking their own food.

“Our children are the future and with obesity rates on the rise a healthy education is what is most important for the youth of today to create a better future for tomorrow,” says Kent Houston, founder of Let’s Patch.

If you’re interested in helping this new company get started, time is running out on their Kickstarter, so check it out now and get growing!

The Let’s Patch FAQ

How big are the Herb Planters?

The planter is 12”x6”x6”, holds 4 liters of soil and the water reservoir holds 2 liters of water. When flat packed the Herb Planter is only 12”x6”x1” making for easy shipping and storage.

What is the Patch herb planter made of?

The Patch herb planter body is made with Tyvek (a HDPE), which has all the properties of paper film and fabric. It’s fully recyclable, washable, and stain resistant.

How does it “self water”? What is sub irrigation?

The Patch planters “self water” by using a technique called sub irrigation, which allows the water to enter the soil through capillary action; essentially the same process by which a paper towel, or sponge soaks up water.

What can I grow in my Patch?

Grow anything that loves moisture and doesn’t need too much depth for this 6” planter. The self-watering action of the Patches ensure that the climate inside of your Patch holds and retains enough moisture to feed and water the roots of plants you are growing. Sub-irrigation means lots of moisture, so we encourage our growers to stick with herbs and edibles that like this environment. Culinary herbs grow really well, as do leafy greens and kale.

For more information, check out the full Let’s Patch FAQ.