Living the Good Life – What a Garden Means to Our Family

Why having a family vegetable garden simply makes sense.

Credit: Carol Pope

Fresh steamed scarlet runner beans, scallions and quinoa

Tomatoes, beans and zucchini: Simple family meals straight from vine to plate

For our family, having a garden means living the good life. While our modest-sized raised beds and small greenhouse may not enable us to live entirely off our land, we do, however, gather fresh food for our table every single day of the year.

Why does this mean the good life? Simple. The tastes from a garden are like no other, so only the simplest preparation is necessary.

A ‘Valencia’ tomato still warm from the greenhouse is simply sliced on the spot and eaten. Simple. If we’re feeling fancy, we pinch off a sprig of basil to pretty it up. Simple.

Just-picked “Romanesco’ and ‘Jade’ zucchini is sprinkled with sea salt and a smattering of chopped garden-fresh rosemary, then tossed on the grill. Simple.

‘Scarlet Runner’ beans are steamed and stirred with just-sliced scallions, a drizzle of olive oil and cider vinegar, and a maybe a cup of cooked quinoa. Simple.

Heritage tomatoes, tomatilloes and bolting cilantro are chopped and tossed into a spectacular salsa. Simple. No preservatives, no packaging, no fuss. Simple. And for us, it simply adds up to the good life.