Lumpy Grass Getting You Down?

Credit: Flickr / Asbestos Bill

Q: Our backyard grass is very lumpy. When you walk on it you are at risk of twisting your ankle. I’m told that we have dew worms causing the lumpiness. Everyone says they are good for the soil. But we want a flat lawn so that our grandchildren (toddlers) can walk on it without falling down so often. We live in Abbotsford.

Rake down the lumps and topdress (no more than 1 cm or 1/2 in. of good-quality topsoil). Try aerating with a machine to encourage more air into the soil. Worms generally dislike compact soil so I would not recommend using a lawn roller to further compact the soil. The problem is most likely very evident after a rain combined with limited air in the soil. Try overseeding with a grass seed on the existing lawn to thicken the grass. Cut the grass no more than 5 cm (2 in.) short. Use of chemicals is not desirable to kids or the environment.