Magnolia Tree Blooming in February?

Is this a sign of global warming or are we on schedule for the gorgeous magnolia blossoms?

Credit: Hilary Henegar

Magnolias blooming in February? Is this proof of global warming?!

On my walk to the Skytrain station for work this morning, I happened to notice the magnolia trees in my neighbourhood starting to blossom. Glad I had my camera with me so I could snap this pic, above.

Given the fluke warm weather we’ve been experiencing in Vancouver, with cherry blossom and plum blossom trees suddenly starting to bloom last week, I thought it seemed a bit early for magnolias. But a quick glance at’s guide to What’s in Bloom in Vancouver shows the tree is only a little ahead of schedule.

Here’s‘s list of what else you can expect to be in bloom through February and March:


Berries: Cotoneaster, Holly
Bulbs: Crocus, early Daffodils, Snowdrops (Galanthis), Winter Aconite (Eranthus hyemalis)
Flowers: English Daisies (Occasional), Helleborus, Pansies, Polyanthus
Shrubs: Daphne, Heath, Japanese Camellia (Camellia japonica), Mahonia, early Rhododendrons, Winter-Flowering Jasmine
Trees: Cornelian Cherry Dogwood (Cornus mas)
Cherry trees (Prunus): Accolade, Autumn Rosebud Cherry (Autumnalius Rosea), Cherry Plums (Prunus cerasifera), Whitcomb Higan Cherry (Prunus subhirtella ‘Whitcombi’)


Berries: Cotoneaster, Pyracantha, Skimmia
Bulbs: Anemone blanda, Crocus, Daffodils, Hyacinth, Narcissus, Scilla, early Tulips
Flowers: Aubrieta, Bergenia, Cyclamen Coum, English Daisy (Bellis), Helleborus, Pansies, Polyanthus, Polygala, Pulmonaria, Rockcress (Arabis), Vinca (periwinkle)
Shrubs: Camellia, Corylopsis, Daphne, Forsythia, Heath (Spring), Lily of the Valley (Pieris), early Rhododendrons, Viburnum (tinus and bodnantense), Winter-Flowering Jasmine
Trees: Magnolia
Cherry trees (Prunus): Accolade, ‘Akebono’ Yoshino, Cherry Plums (Prunus cerasifera), Shirotae, Weeping Higan (Prunus subhirtella ‘Pendula’), Somei-Yoshino