Make a Stunning Succulent Bowl

CTV weathercaster and avid gardener Tamara Taggart shows us how.

Credit: Terry Guscott | Stylist: Heather Cameron

Succulents, anyone? “Any kind! The more, the merrier,” says popular CTV weathercaster and avid gardener Tamara Taggart

It’s easy to make a succulent bowl. Good drainage is important, so be sure to use a container with holes. Place the largest plant in the middle, and anchor the others around it. Be sure to leave enough room for them to grow. Tamara top-dresses her succulent bowls with pretty stones. This gorgeous selection was grown in Burnaby by Western Independent Greenhouses (W.I.G.).


tips on making a succulent bowl

Many succulents, such as most types of Sedum and Sempervivum (hens ‘n’ chicks), can spend the winter outdoors in coastal B.C. ‘Angelina’ is a spectacular golden sedum that you can use to trail out of sunny containers. 

Tamara also has a weakness for tender succulents (Aeonium, Agave, Echeveria and Senecio), which need to be protected from frost. Some sedums, such as donkey-tail, also need frost protection. Keep them in a dry, cool, bright location in winter.

In Tamara’s previous home, she had a perfect little cool garden room where she could overwinter tender succulents. Window-mirrors reflected light back into the room and the shabby-chic style was set with a funky chandelier. “I miss that room,” she admits. “I’m hoping to create something similar in our garage.”

“A garden has a lot to teach children…the patience to grow something, the value and beauty of outdoor life – plants, bugs, birds – and the 
responsibility of watering and caring for plants.”


Photo: Tamara Taggart at home


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Despite a busy career and a growing family, Tamara Taggart takes the time to dig into her garden to create a home-based retreat.