Make a Statement in Your Garden with Finials

Is your garden lacking that final piece of the puzzle? A finial might be just what you need

A finial on its own in the background makes a strong impression

Finials can be used in your garden an ornamental pieces or as the centre piece that draws everything together

Funny thing about finials – you may never have thought about them before, but once you start looking for them, you start seeing them everywhere.

This classic architectural element is traditionally used to denote the top of a roofline, a corner or a building apex of some kind, and it makes quite a statement in that context.

You can also place a finial on it’s own for even more impact in a backyard garden. Or use an ornamental finial as a centre piece, inside.

Finials are typically made of stone, cast concrete or turned wood. Small-scale finials are also used atop lampshades, and decoratively, on furnishings. These finals are usually made of wood or metal to suit the material they are emphasizing.

Vintage finials may be found at architectural salvage suppliers, antique stores or flea markets. You can also find replica finials that are fashioned to look old.

A finial will add a great focal point to your garden or tablescape.