Metro Vancouver changing watering hours to early morning

Credit: Flickr


Q: Why can’t I water my lawn after 9 a.m.?

Metro Vancouver is shifting lawn sprinkling hours to the morning because demand for water is too high on warm summer evenings. Our region’s water use doubles on peak demand days, threatening the ability of our water pipes to carry enough water for fire hydrants and indoor sprinkling systems. We can invest in new megaprojects or we can shift cosmetic water use to the morning when demand is lower.

You can help:
• Work with nature – let your lawn go dormant over the summer.
• Select native plants and shrubs that require less watering.
• Get a rain barrel to collect water for your yard.
• Healthy lawns need just one inch of water per week including rainfall. If you insist on watering your lawn, don’t water any area for more than one hour once a week. Never water after 9 a.m. to minimize water loss due to evaporation.

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