Monkshood: how potent is their poison?

Credit: Flickr / utahwildflowers

Q: I live in the city and I have 2 perennial beds at the back of the house (surrounded by a hedge). I recently bought some beautiful perennials (several and a variety of them, phlox, hostas, irises and so forth). I also bought one monkshood and transplanted it in the back. At the time I didn’t know much about monkshood, except that its owner warned me to wash my hands and informed me that it is toxic. Fair enough. I’m not worried about the plant itself because we don’t have kids. I’m worried because it’s not a big backyard and I do have a vegetable garden maybe 2 – 3 meters away from the perennial bed (and now the monkshood). Do I need to worry? I will transplant it again if it is indeed too close to the veggie garden. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

The monkshood is dangerous if we ingest or otherwise rub the toxins onto ourselves or our delicate membranes such as our eyes or our noses.

I think that it is wise to ask this question but the two to three metres of distance should not be a problem for the vegetable garden. It’s not known to move chemicals into the soil.