Moving a perennial and bulb garden

Q: I’m moving in June and would like to take my perennial/bulb garden with me. I live in Barrie, Ontario, and am staying in the same area. I was wondering if I should dig my bulbs up as they appear and pot them or wait until closer to the time of my move?

My perennials I was going to divide and pot up. Is there a special soil I should use, or is there a better way of moving and keeping them alive? I’m not sure how fast they will get back in the ground, but your advise would be appreciated.

I would prefer to allow any bulbs to go through their normal growth pattern before transplanting, e.g. allow the bulb to grow, flower and, to some degree, die-back. Moving during the early growth cycle would hinder bulb development. Therefore, move bulbs closer to the date you’re moving.

As for your perennials, divide whatever clumps you may have and re-pot them into potting soil. This should be done before the perennials are fully emerged from the ground, and earlier when the perennials are dormant. Water root divisions with a transplant solution as directed on the package. Keep your perennials well watered during the growing period. If watering is a problem consider planting root divisions in a good-sized pot to avoid unnecessary drying out.