New Plants

Black Magic Rose1. ‘Black Magic Rose’ Geranium has charcoal-black leaves bordered with a narrow strip of green. The contrast of the dark foliage with bright rose flowers is very appealing – Veseys Seeds
Gazania Citrico2. The vibrant yellow flowers of Gazania ‘Citrico’ are a treat – White Rock Nurseries
Mini Phalaenopsis3. This ‘Mini Phalaenopsis,’ Doritis pulcherrima is available in white and all shades of pink – Brookside Greenhouses Ltd.
Nepenthes X Ventrata
Nepenthes x ventrata is a carnivorous vine that produces gaudy urns to trap and devour insects – Hawaiian Botanicals
Sea Shells6. Coreopsis ‘Sea Shells’ (Coreopsis grandiflora), with its tubular petals, is a delightful wildflower – Dominion Seeds
MiniFamouse Calibrachoas7. The ‘MiniFamous Calibrachoas’ now have new lighter-coloured varieties to complement the deep blues, reds and pinks in this series – Nordic Nurseries
Minnie Pearl8. Hemerocallis ‘Minnie Pearl’ has 7.5-centimetre fragrant blooms of soft apricot that blend into a yellow eye – Van Noort Bulb Co. (Photo: Florissa)
Asclepsias9. Asclepias Silky Formula Mix’s blooms make an exotic filler for cut-flower arrangements – William Dam Seeds
Cruzan Cream10. ‘Cruzan Cream’ features a soft melon-cream bloom with maroon eye and gold braided edge – Erikson’s Daylily Gardens
Hepatica11. The outer petals of Hepatica ‘Shikouden’ form rings of dark purple that lightens to a lovely violet-purple as the petals progress to the centre – Fraser’s Thimble Farm
Black Beauty12. An intriguing specimen, the dark cone-shaped blooms of Rudbeckia ‘Black Beauty’ appear from June to frost – McFayden Nursery
Paeonia lactifolia Pecher13. Paeonia lactifolia ‘Pecher’ offers up large, three-layer blooms of blush pink that are softly scented – Botanus Inc.
Tess of the dUbervilles14. ‘Tess of the d’Urbervilles’ is a new, long-blooming fragrant red rose
that blooms all summer – Old Rose Nursery (Photo: David Austin Roses)
Veronica Royal Candles15. Veronica ‘Royal Candles’ is a new compact form of Spike Speedwell.
Versatile in the garden as an edging plant, in the rock garden or in tubs and containers – Heritage Perennials
Carex muskingumensis Oehme16. Carex muskingumensis ‘Oehme’ is a variegated palm sedge that starts out green then gives way to distinct yellow stripe – Bluestem Nursery
HyBishop17. ‘Hy Bishop’ is a very floriferous single dahlia available in contrasting colours – Ferncliff Gardens Ltd.
Stevia reabudiana18. Stevia rebaudiana is a sweet herb and the leaf powder can be used in place of sugar. The plant is ideal in containers – McFayden Nursery