Newly Discovered Rose Gives Back to the BC Community

The rose discovered by Michel Trudeau’s aunt is raising funds for charity.

Credit: Brentwood Bay Nurseries

Michel Trudeau Memorial Rose raises money for avalanche awareness

A chance seedling, found at Betsy and Robin Dening’s own Brentwood Bay Nurseries, sparked immediate interest.

Betsy decided that this rose should carry her nephew’s name, and that its sale should benefit avalanche awareness. The son of the late Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Michel perished in an avalanche while skiing in BC’s Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park in 1998.

Debute at the World Rose Festival nearly a decade after discovery

Since the Michel Trudeau Memorial Rose™ was released through garden centres this past spring, support has been strong. Purchases through the rose’s licensed grower, Adamson’s Heritage Nursery Ltd., have generated $2,150 for the Canadian Avalanche Foundation (CAF) in just the first season.

Michel Trudeau Memorial Rose™

Type: Rosa Rugosa

Flower: Large and fragrant with deep-pink double flowers. Yellow stamen with white streaks in center. Blooms spring to fall, repeat flowering.

Foliage: Disease-resistant, green ruffled leaves that turn plum-red in autumn.

Size: Typically 120 cm (4 feet) high to 90 cm (3 feet) wide. Flourishes on the West Coast and can grow larger. Grows well as a shrub in borders or hedge.

Exposure: Prefers full sun

Soil: Likes fertile, free-draining soil. Mulch immediately after planting

Water: Frequent. Water 2–3 times a week until established.

Zone: Hardy in zones 2–9.

“We will continue to promote this rose to gardeners through their favourite garden centres,” said Ken Knechtel, Adamson’s Sales Manager.

“The money gardeners can raise by buying or gifting this rose to their friends will have a significant and ongoing effect on the work that the CAF is able to do to protect skiers, snowboarders, and sledders. But besides that, the rose has great value in the landscape—it’s a really terrific plant.”

Trudeau rose of the Rugosa variety

The intensely-scented blooms (rich, deep pink) are splashed with snow white, and its blazing plum-red autumn foliage colour is unique among roses. Its large, eye-catching red hips attract birds to the winter garden.

Although the parentage is unknown, it was identified as a unique Rugosa rose, and has proven to be extremely winter hardy. The rose is ideal for home gardens, boulevards, parks, and community landscaping.

Check with your local nursery or garden centre to purchase the Michel Trudeau Memorial Rosebush.


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