Notes from a Novice Gardener: Greenhouse Effect

"If you want your peppers to live, you'll get a greenhouse..." Heeding this advice, blogger Melissa Fraser creates her own makeshift greenhouse so she can grow peppers in a container.

Credit: Melissa Fraser


Easy DIY makeshift greenhouse

I got a call last night. “If you want your peppers to live, you’ll get a greenhouse,” said the voice on the other line.

… Okay, that didn’t happen, but I had been told that a greenhouse would be key if there were any chance my peppers would grow. So, I began to think of the cheapest, easiest way to build one.

A greenhouse needs to allow the sunshine in but be fully covered so it can trap the heat inside. A reader had suggested that I use plastic to cover the plants, and we thought the best way to grow peppers would be in a container. All I needed was to get some sort of clear plastic covering over the container, while allowing room for the peppers to grow.

How to make your own makeshift greenhouse

1. First, I rummaged around for supplies. We had a plant pot lying around and I found a couple rods in the garage. I also grabbed a big, clear heavy-duty garbage bag from work.

2. I filled the container with potting soil, then stood the rods up, one on each side.

3. I finished by putting the garbage bag over the rods. Easy? I’d say so.

I’m not sure if it’s time to put the peppers in the greenhouse yet. They’re indoors now, next to the window. Any suggestions?