Notes From a Novice Gardener: Vancouver’s Living Roof

A video profile of the Vancouver Convention Centre's best feature: the living rooftop.

Who knew the Vancouver Convention Centre would be good for more than just fancy galas, big meetings and costly floods. In this video, “Vancouver’s 6 Acre Living Roof”, Dave Budge takes a look at the convention centre’s best feature, the six-acre living roof.

The video offers a unique look at Vancouver’s largest rooftop garden along with an interview with the garden architect, Bruce Hemstock. We’re taken through the native plants and grasses that grow on the roof and the steps to sustainability the architects took.

There are scenes in the video that look up at the other buildings downtown and across the water but you can see the acres of grassland at the foot of the frame. It’s hard to believe it was shot downtown, never mind on a roof.

The video really speaks for itself.

Here’s another video done by the Convention Centre’s marketing team. It’s not the greatest but it does give a bit more info into the whole project.

Also take a look at this National Geographic slideshow. In true National Geographic fashion the pictures are amazing as well as inspiring.