Outdoor Decor Trends for Summer 2013

This summer, take indoor design and turn it inside out. The hottest outdoor picks this season take their inspiration from inside your home

Credit: Mint Interiors

This summer’s hottest outdoor decor trends will have you lounging in the kind of comfort you normally only find indoors

Think outside the box – literally – when updating your backyard furniture this summer. Furniture and accessories that would traditionally be kept indoors are coming out to give your outdoor space a warmer, homier feel.

From coffee tables to lamps to fireplaces, bring it all out for a summer of backyard fun.

Credit: Mint Interiors

Modern Patio Furniture

It’s time to let go of the plastic lawn chairs and go with something a little classier. Creating an ambience in your outside entertaining area is just as important as the one you cultivate inside, so make an effort to add pieces that are modern and striking.

This dining chair is fresh for summer, sleek and comfortable, and perfect for backyard dinners.

Above: Aura Dining Chair in white ($435). Available at Mint Interiors.

Credit: Moe’s Home

Outdoor Fireplaces

Fire pits can be magical, but they’re also messy and can be dangerous. Instead, get that cozy campfire effect with an affordable mobile gas fireplace; it’s perfect for the outdoors and will keep you warm long after the sun goes down.

Above:Majesty Fireplacein gloss white ($225). Available at Moe’s Home.

Credit: Moe’s Home

Portable Coffee Tables

Every home needs a coffee table for drinks, appetizers, magazines, and sometimes even as a foot rest.

Bring it outside and you can put your feet up while enjoying the fresh air. Just be sure to get a piece that’s stable enough for placement on the grass.

Above:Torno Coffee Tablein white ($399). Available at Moe’s Home.

Credit: Peridot

Ombre Accessories

Ombre – colours or tones that fade into each other – isn’t just for hair. Brighten up the outdoors with a colourful and versatile throw that keeps your backyard both trendy and toasty.

Above: Mod Ombre Neon Throw ($225). Available at Peridot.

Credit: Parliament Interiors

Living Art

Potted plants can act as living art in your backyard, and are less daunting than a full garden. These Kermodi pieces can be showcased outside during the warmer months and give off a relaxing, zen-like feel.

Above: Kermodi Living Art, Yin and Yang (Hawarthia and Aloe aristata), ($68 each). Available at Parliament Interiors

Credit: Williams-Sonoma

Floral Patterns

We’re crazy about this summer’s floral patterns, so set the outdoor table with bold and brightly coloured floral plates, and don’t worry about breakage.

These handcrafted salad plates are made of bamboo fiber and melamine, a high-quality material that is hefty, shatterproof and scratch-resistant. Bonus: they are dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

Above: La Med Melamine Dinner Plates ($16.95 each). Available at Williams-Sonoma

Credit: Inform Interiors

Oil Lamps

A timeless classic, oil lamps make outdoor dining in the warmer months an enchanting experience, and the warm light extends fun summer evenings late into the night. The cozy light cast by an oil lamp will make your backyard feel inviting and whimsical.

With these Stelton’s oil lamps, you get a beautiful view of the mesmerizing flame behind the glass.

Above: Stelton Oil Lamp ($131). Available at Inform Interiors.