Pacific Northwest Planting Charts

These helpful charts will guide your green thumb through any season

Kick off your veggie garden by planting peas mid-February in coastal areas

When to start your kale, carrots, leeks, lettuce and more – a great planting chart for Pacific Northwest gardens

Despite planting our edible garden every single spring, in our house we still turn to each other every February to ask in a slightly frenzied panic, “when are we supposed to start our seeds again???”

Because of this, I have now posted on the wall a super-helpful West Coast Seeds Planting Chart for Coastal BC, which I was lucky enough to find on glossy cardboard for just $1 at a local nursery.

For those without one of these, take heart. This wonder of vegetable-planting organization is available in the free West Coast Seeds catalogue, also available at most nurseries as well as on their website.

And I was very impressed to see that they now offer a specific Herb and Flower Planting Chart and thrilled to see a Fall & Winter Harvest Planting Chart for Coastal BC.

Now I’ll never go without kale and kohlrabi in winter again!