Path remedy

You need something that will take the weight of high traffic and provide good drainage. If you live in an area of high precipitation, you may need a larger solution, however here is a simple and quick do-it-yourself remedy:

  1. Remove the grass from the pathway and rake the soil level.
  2. Level and tamp a bed of “sharp” sand at least 10 centimetres deep. The sand will improve the drainage and the filtration in the root zone and improve the growth of your lawn between the stones.
  3. Arrange your pavers and fill in between them with a mixture of grass seed, 30 per cent soil or peat and 70 per cent sand.
  4. When the grass grows it can be mowed as usual. The sand base will accommodate the high traffic and your grass won’t get mucky in wet weather. Remember to water during periods of summer drought, as the sand will not retain water the way your soil currently does.