Pea Gutter Trick – Tips & Techniques for Growing Peas in Gutters

Credit: Carolyn Herriot

Sow peas one inch deep and one inch apart in the gutters, in a sterilized, lightweight potting medium. Keep the gutter in a cold greenhouse or cool garage until the peas have germinated. Harden them off by putting the gutter outside in the day and back under protection at night for two weeks.

peas Instant rows of peas!

When the peas are six inches high, ‘plant’ a row of bamboo teepees, dig a trench matching the width and length of the gutter around the outside, peel the well-rooted peas out of the gutters, and lay them in the trench, covering and watering them in. Viola! An instant rows of peas. Now all you have to do is go on a hunt for some used gutters. Click here to return to the Victory Garden Program. What do you think? Crazy idea? Not so crazy? Going to run out and do it today? Leave your feedback and questions for Carolyn using the comment form below.