Pest-Resistant Bulbs

Deer and squirrels consider tulips a tasty treat – and crocuses are pretty high on the list of delicacies too. However, the bitter taste of daffodils and alliums generally makes them a safe bet, says the Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Centre. By planting bulbs that pests don’t like, you will greatly improve a garden’s overall survivability in problem areas.

So if the visiting deer and resident squirrels have enjoyed a meal in your garden this spring, consider these bulbs for your next planting – all are ranked high on beauty and low on pest-appeal.

Allium, ornamental onion. Blooms late spring to early summer
Camassia. Blooms late spring
Chionodoxa, glory of the snow. Blooms late winter, early spring
Colchicum. Blooms late summer and fall
Crocus tommasinianus. Blooms late winter, early spring
Eranthis, winter aconite. Blooms late winter, early spring
Fritillaria. Blooms mid- to late spring, depending on variety
Galanthus nivalis, snowdrop. Blooms late winter to early spring.
Hyacinthoides hispanica, Spanish bluebell. Blooms late spring
Hacinthus, hyacinth. Blooms mid-spring.
Ipheion. Blooms early to late spring
Leucojum, snowflake. Blooms mid- to late spring. (There is also a fall-blooming Leucojum autumnale.)
Muscari, grape hyacinth. Blooms mid- to late spring
• Narcissus, daffodil. Blooms early to late spring
Ornithogalum. Blooms early to mid-spring
Oxalis. Blooms mid-spring to fall
Scilla. Blooms early spring to early summer.