Plant Perennials

Credit: Barbra Fairclough

The unsung hero of spring is the fall-planted perennial. Most perennials thrive when planted in the fall. By spring they will be larger and more robust. You can take delight in an early spring show by planting now and enjoying the anticipation of what is to come. Your most delightful successes can be with spring-blooming perennials.

When you are planting your bulbs, try adding these to your planting scheme for drought-tolerant spring and summer blooms:

Cerastium tomentosum (snow in summer) Zone 3
Achillea milifolium (common yarrow) Zone 3 (pictured at right)
Echinacea purpurea (purple coneflower) Zone 4
Helleborus sp. (hellebore) Zone 4-6
Armeria maritima (thrift) Zone 3