Plants that deliver results

All-America Selections's recommended no-fuss plant picks that prove their worth again and again.

Credit: Photo: All-America Selections

Sometimes gardeners like to test the limits by growing unusual plants, or those not ideally suited to a particular zone. Other times, gardeners want to be sure that they are putting time, effort and money into a plant that is sure to deliver results. There to help us choose one of these proven plants is the All-America Selections (AAS) organization.

AAS fosters the development, production and distribution of new and better varieties and species for North American gardens. AAS has trial grounds and test gardens across North America, including one at the University of British Columbia.

Here are some of recommendations:

Winter Squash

‘Cornell’s Bush Delicata’
This squash (pictured) is sweet and rich in vitamin A. The squash will be ready to pick about 100 days from sowing. They have a long shelf life and gardeners can enjoy eating the harvest into the winter months. The tolerance to powdery mildew increases the overall yield.

Rudbeckia ‘Cherokee Sunset’

This Rudbeckia hirta showcases a blend of sunset colours: yellow, orange, bronze and mahogany. The flowers are double or semi-double and long-lasting as cut flowers. ‘Cherokee Sunset’ is best grown in full sun and plants reach 60 to 76 centimetres in height.

Cleome ‘Sparkler Blush’

‘Sparkler Blush’ flowers freely all season and plants are less than a metre tall and wide. This smaller size allows gardeners to feature this old-fashioned annual in gardens with less space.

Other plants to garner the 2002 selection are:

Vinca ‘Jaio Scarlet Eye,’ Geranium F1 ‘Black Magic Rose,’ Ornamental pepper F1 ‘Chilly Chili,’ Petunia ‘Lavender Wave,’ Pansy F1 ‘Ultima Morpho,’ Petunia F1 ‘Tidal Wave Silver,’ Cucumber ‘Diva,’ Pumpkin ‘Orange Smoothie’ and Pumpkin ‘Sorcerer.’