Preserving Laurel Leaves


Q: I recently bought a small Bay Tree. It’s doing O.K. I would like to know about harvesting the leaves and is drying the way to use them? I live in Vancouver,B.C. so I think It’s zone 7 to 9.

To preserve bay laurel leaves for cooking, air dry in a shady spot or press them flat under weights. Store in airtight jars. Fabulous and functional, bay laurel (Laurus nobilis) is picture-perfect in a terra-cotta pot on the patio or doorstep where it’s handy to the kitchen. Savoury, aromatic bay leaves are widely used in French, Italian and Spanish cuisine. Hardy to zone 8, bay laurel must be protected when grown in a colder climate: plant it in a container with well-drained soil and bring it indoors over winter. Water regularly but minimally; overwatering will cause the roots to rot.