Preventing Dog Spots on Your Lawn

Credit: Lynne Thompson

Tired of dog spots on your lawn? Bellingham’s Laurel Cook came up with a brilliant solution. (This photo is not of Laurel’s dog, Sancho, though, as he turned out to be camera shy in the elimination department. Our demonstrator is BugZ, the bearded collie of Lynne Thompson, Great Plant Picks program coordinator.) When Laurel first got Sancho, her young male terrier, she purchased a new traffic cone and took it down to the local dog park. It was anointed in short order; she bagged it up and took it home. She then installed it off to the side of her garden, above a circle of bark mulch. Sancho reliably relieves himself on cone and bark mulch, sparing Laurel’s lawn. Such a clever idea needed international publicity, we thought!